Policy Statement

The stake holders & Management of Venus Inspection and Quality Control Services Pvt. Ltd. is committed to utilize all resources and take all reasonable measures to meet the necessary requirements for the protection of Health, Safety & Environment in the execution of their services meet to full expectations of customers & the public at large; these rules are observed in the implementation of Clients stipulations, Government Rules and International codes of practice, relevant to activities undertaken by Venus.

In order to meet all these responsibilities, Venus observes the following requirements:

1.  Health
  • On selection of personnel, Venus management, ensure that medical examinations are carried out in compliance with national and international regulations, & arranges for medical insurance upon employment which is annually renewed.
  • Ensures that Risk Assessment & Regular tool box training is conducted affecting personal health, vocational hygiene and the effects of industrial hazards, especially in Hydro, oil & gas industrial operations.
  • Good housekeeping and cleanliness of worksites & living accommodations have top priority in Venus policy to reduce risks of pollution, contamination and other occupational health hazards.
  • Venus arranges to obtain health cards and provide specialized medical checkup & site treatment of personnel whenever needed, observing Laws & Regulations on occupational health & climatic conditions.
2. Safety
  • (PPE) Personnel Protective Equipment is issued to all employees who undergo regular training in the use and up keep of PPE, in office, site & vehicles.
  • Venus conduct training on a regular basis, often in-house or outside for relevant personnel on First Aid, Permit to Work, Confined Spaces, Fire Fighting, Scaffolding etc.
  • Venus arrange for safety meetings as required by each work contract to ensure that all safety aspects are addressed properly.
3. Environment
  • Venus personnel endeavor to reduce pollution by waste emissions to water, air and land, adopting the philosophy of re-use, recycle & reduce.

  • Venus waste management policy centres around segregation and labeling of waste materials and compacting them safely for packaging and dispatch as per rules & instructions.

  • To provide safe, healthy and secure facilities for its employees to work, travel and live in.

  • To protect client’s personnel and the public at large from vocational hazards to health and safety risks arising from Venus activities or those of sub-contractors.